Demand for Financing of Earthquake Resistant House Renovation in Lembang Vault Area

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RISE is established as a research, training and consulting institution, focusing on financial inclusion of the underserved—the poor, women, and youth. RISE conducts research on mapping, assessment, product development, and is involved in national level financial inclusion research. RISE research efforts have contributed to the work of international NGOs, government agencies, and international research organizations. RISE also provides training and training of trainers for development agencies and microfinance institutions.

With its in-depth experience, RISE has gained rich understanding on the demographic and geographic challenges of reaching the underserved, as well as their financial and digital profile. This understanding includes a deep insight into the demand side and requirements of the underserved for financial products and services, including digital financial services.

In conducting its research, RISE distinguishes itself by its ability to reach the underserved in both urban and remote rural areas. This experience encompasses various regions of Indonesia, including Eastern Indonesia, with its specific logistical challenges. The experience enables RISE to understand operational barriers, as well as social and cultural hindrances that potentially challenge the effort of reaching the poor.



Demand for Financing of Earthquake Resistant House Renovation in Lembang Vault Area

Most earthquake victims were hit by collapsed houses. Can this be avoided? Very possible! Renovate housing to make it earthquake resistant using the ferrocement method at an affordable price. Renovations can be carried out on houses in any condition, whether permanent or semi-permanent. Earthquake-resistant house renovation financing and savings products are being developed in West


A great training and research provider. Their service is magnificent with promised result for everyone from any background.
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